Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A great Summer Garden Dinner Party

As I work through thinking about having my own web-site, and having posted on this blog site for a few weeks now; I’m wondering if I can’t just save some money and still accomplish my goal. What is my goal you might ask…it’s to share cooking secrets, tips, techniques, recipes, menu ideas, food, wine, travel…well, just about everything there is to do with cooking, wine, entertaining and travel. This whole idea started years ago when my good friends Dave & Helen and Erin & Doug said I gave the best dinner parties; and when some local rather popular chefs came to my house and told me it was simply the best home-cooked meal they had ever had…so my husband, full of faith and love encouraged me to find an outlet to show my skills. I thought we could do a web-site LindySez, and through that I would be able to post everything I wanted…but you know what? Every time I discuss my intentions, it cost $$$, and more $$$ until I’m left with just a shell of what I intended. So I’m going to try to do this right here…some of my links are going to take you to another site…and I’m going to see if you can get in and view my posts without having to sign-up for an account there…so here goes…my first link to GroupRecipes, a pretty neat little site that allows me to put in and share my recipes…and build out my party menus…then I can just blog it up here…and voila…$15000.00 saved…and as my Mama always said…a penny saved is a penny saved…

Summer Garden Dinner Party

The idea behind this dinner was to use what is fresh and available right now. So let’s experiment…check it out. The name in the site, SoSousMe, was LindySez…before LindySez became LindySez.

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