Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gobble Gobble...What's for Dinner? Turkeyballs!

Why gobble gobble? Cause I make my meatballs with lean turkey breast, and trust me, in this preparation you won’t be saying “Where’s the Beef”.
As a gal always trying to keep the waistline fit and trim (failing but trying); I replaced ground meat with turkey a number of years ago as there are a lot of health benefits associated with lean ground turkey. That said, LindySez “BEWARE”, read the label. Lean ground turkey is not the same as ground breast, although you could mix them together and still be better off than you would be with beef; especially since you would need to buy beef that has some fat in it to get the same texture that you will get from these Turkey Balls. Really!

Here’s the breakdown:

Fresh Ground Turkey Breast has (per 4 ounce serving) – 120 calories with total fat of 1.5 grams; 0 saturated; 0 trans (and we all know now to avoid those bad trans fats right?)…Fresh Lean Turkey (mixture of dark and light meats) – 140 calories with 7 grams of fat; 2 of those are saturated; still no trans fats… Lean Ground Beef (that’s 97% lean) weighs in at 170 calories with 8 grams fat; 3 of those are saturated; and again no trans. So the hands down healthy choice is Ground Turkey Breast; lean ground turkey and beef showing not too much of a difference in numbers, but overall, the texture of the turkey will still come out better IMHO with this recipe.

You might also see that I never use cooking spray on my pans. That’s because the propellant they use to make that oil come out puts a film on your baking pan that becomes like cement. If you do use something like Pam, you probably notice over time you simply can’t get the pan clean; and if your hubby is like mine and likes to leave the pan in the oven after the foods been removed to give it just that extra bit of baked on goodness, well, let’s just say I was buying new pans on a regular basis. So here’s an idea if you like the convenience of the spray, get a little spray bottle, fill it with oil and voila. Otherwise, I suggest you line your baking pan with foil and then spray it…you can just toss the foil, no harm, no foul.

Here’s another little trick, if you want to taste your meatballs to check the seasonings, and you know that you shouldn’t be eating raw meat…right…we all know not to eat raw poultry especially…make a little ball with some of the meat and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, then eat it…I mean taste it…adjust the seasonings and if you want to, do it again. We must taste until we get it right…right?

So if you’ve been paying attention to this blog and had or have a lot of tomatoes in the garden, or rushed out to the Farmer’s market to buy some, you now have your own delicious homemade tomato sauce. If you don’t, then when you check out the recipe, use the canned tomato method, or if you insist, go ahead and use your favorite prepared pasta sauce. If you want some wine with dinner, any light red will do. Try a Chianti, Sangiovese or be adventurous and try another Italian wine, like Primitivo, Dolcetto or Barbera. Add a simple green salad, some garlic bread and let’s call it dinner!

LindySez: Cheers…I hope you enjoy.

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