Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baking the Bacon

Do you like bacon?  I do.  But I hate the mess of frying it.  So I decided to give baking the bacon a try.  It works really well, the bacon is cooked in about the same amount of time as on the stove top, anyway from 15 minutes to 20, depending on thickness; it doesn’t make a mess (although you still have to dispose of the bacon grease. I like to strain mine and keep it in a container in the fridge, I use it to season green beans; fried potatoes, or even fried eggs).  And baking it is a great technique when you need to make bacon for a large group.

Great results baking bacon

Here’s what you do.  Put the bacon slices on a heavy rimmed cookie sheet.  Place it into a cold oven, turn the heat on to 375 degrees F and then just watch it cook; turn it a couple of times with tongs and when it’s cooked to your liking; remove the pan and drain the bacon on paper towels.  Discard the grease in the pan.  If you don’t care about keeping the grease, you could line the pan with some foil and then once the grease gets cold, roll it up and  just throw it away.

LindySez: Give it a try, baked not fried.

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