Friday, May 14, 2010

Stupid Silverware, or What's your Orientation?

I don’t even know where I was, or what I ate.  All I remember is the stupid silverware.  It might be because I’m left-handed…maybe all you righties out there wouldn’t have had a problem handling this design,  but gezz…don’t us lefties have enough challenges in this world without having to deal with silverware that is right hand oriented?
Now, let’s be honest.  Aren’t there places where the silver just doesn’t feel right?  While I hate plastic “silver”, some of it is  still better than this piece of work.
I love watching Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives and one of the first things I notice is…is it ware, or is it plastic.  And is it substantial plastic cutlery or the flimsy cheap, white, plastic?  The kind we used at picnics (pre Costco) and to serve the birthday cake at a child’s party.    Just last weekend I was in Vegas for Vegas Uncorked. At the grand tasting event, even they had real forks.  I’m going to bet (and it would be one of the few bets that I bet I would win) a lot of forks got tossed with the plate, even though they had bins everywhere for putting your soiled forks.   I think that a lot of  people were not focused on what was in their hand, as they hurriedly went from one food venue to another.  Some, I’m sure, really didn’t  give a flying fuck about  “costs” . After all, they did pay for the ticket.  And some of them probably just didn’t pay attention. But if they had had silverware in their hand with this friggin design, they would have noticed.  I might have still tossed it though, to be honest.  Makes me wonder if they hire people to sort through the trash to find the “tossed” silver. What do you think?

LindySez: Come on people…straight handles can be used by lefties and righties, no matter what their orientations….