Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hash, High School and His Family

My son graduated high school…YAY!  I have to (hate to) admit, but there have been a few times over the course of the last couple of years that I wasn’t so sure he would make it.  Not that it is entirely his fault, we moved him around a lot during the past few years and I think he figured that his social skills were more needed than his brain skills.  Not that he didn’t take a fairly impressive course of acedemics during the course of his high school years;  IB (that’s stands for International Baccalaureate) Bio, the year he took two math courses, Algebra 2 and Physics…that’s the year I told him he was insane.  And maybe that’s what happened, because this year he took Choir, Drama, IB Film, Arthurian Legend, along with the required Government/Economics.  And he passed.  By the hair (hairs) on his chiny chin chin.  Oh, he did fine in Choir and Drama, but the rest of his grades sucked big time.  But graduate is graduate, and now he has to do what the big boys do and FIND A JOB and to continue on to college.
So up for his graduation ceremony comes my FIL and his wife.  I have friends who are big time foodies and will eat anything I put in front of them, and then there are those that think that Mimi’s Cafe and Olive Garden offer good eats (no offense if you think the same, to each their own) so exotic flavors are not going to be showing up at the dinner table.   The good news is, I can make a pretty big impression just by making a rotisserie chicken.
“You actually can make that at home?” my FIL asks “we always buy ours at Sam’s Club”.  Yep, you can  actually make that at home…
Sunday dinner is always a fairly big dinner, we called it our “red meat, red wine” dinner.  So I decided to rotisserie a Prime Rib that I had bought and froze during the Christmastime Prime Rib give-away.  Really, everyone has Prime Rib on sale during Christmas and New Years, it’s the meat of choice for holiday dinners.  Since I go out for Christmas Eve, and went out this year for New Years Eve,  I froze my treasure.
When I freeze meats, chicken, or fish, I always use my Seal-a-Meal. This handy dandy device removes all the air from the bags which allows the food to stay in the freezer for up to a year with no ill effect.  The worse thing for frozen food is air; air and moisture cause freezer burn.  And while food that has suffered freezer burn is still edible, it’s not very pretty and usually has lost a lot of its moisture.  There of course is a cost ($$) for using this, but for me it’s more than worth it.  I buy in bulk, portion it, seal-a-meal it, freeze it and when it comes time for thawing it, I throw it into a cold pot of water and it thaws quickly.  They do say that you can reuse the bags, but YUCK…I don’t think so.  I can’t imagine putting new chicken into an old chicken bag, no matter how fastidiously I washed it.
There may also be a psychological childhood memory that prohibits me from reusing bags.  We had a neighbor, and she would recycle her zip top bags, baggies, plastic shopping bags, whatever.  She always had wet bags hanging all over the kitchen.  She also “recycled” grease.  Not just cooking oil, like you used to fry some fries in, but grease.  Like bacon grease (o.k. to save some, great on green beans, or to flavor some potatoes) but she would have a big can, with multiple kinds of grease in it.  Bacon, sausage, meatloaf drippings, anything that rendered fat got put into that can.  Then she would take a big old spoon of it and use it to cook.  UGK…makes me want to vomit.
Our Prime Rib roast dinner was tasty.  I served it along with some twice cooked potatoes (using some blue cheese as the cheesy part); and introduced them to Fava beans.  They loved them, although after having them help in the double shelling process, I’m pretty sure they will never make them at home.  So now, what to do with the left-over roast?
I love French Dip sandwiches.  And prime rib French dip sandwiches are the best. Unfortunately, my husband “carved” the roast in such a way as to make it impossible to slice it.  So it was decided Sunday morning when he asked for some Corned Beef Hash.  Well, I don’t have any corned beef, but I do have some prime rib.  And so it was done.

Roast Beef Hash

LindySez:  Cheers to all our graduates and the future of America.

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