Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Award?

OK…here’s the thing.  One of my very good cyber friends, although we have met in person, started a blog called Funny or Snot.  Now that right there should tell you something about Poppy and how her mind works, and that kind of mind that she has is exactly why I told her that she should write a blog.  She is funnier than shit and simply tells it like it is.
I’ve met Poppy a couple of times, but the first time was on a cruise that I took with her and 12 other women who all met on-line.  After verifying that we were all in fact women and no one was a stalking dirty old man, we set off to the great Bahamas on a 3 day Carnival Fun Ship.  Now, one thing everyone who went on this journey will tell you (I hope) is that I DO know how to have me some fun.

Lindy Dancing with the Waiters

And one thing they might tell you about Poppy is, it wasn’t the ship rocking as much as it was the 6+ welcome drinks that were bought for her by those very cute boys that made her a little ti ti that night.

Yes, one of many!

And funny enough, Poppy didn’t seem to suffer any of the ills of the sea when she was in the Casino.  Yes girl, show me the money!

Now this assignment, is, I guess to disclose 7 things about yourself.  Since I write mostly about food and wine; I don’t normally get the ability to show my more creative writing style…but I will attempt to tell you 7 things that you may, or may not, find interesting.
1. I do like to drink wine.  It’s one of the reasons I like to cook.  So I can drink wine.  It’s the reason I like to entertain.  So I can drink wine.  I like wine (and a vodka soda or two).
2 I hate Rachel Ray.  I don’t know her personally, but if I did, I think I would tell her to shut the fuck up. Why does she have to prattle on so?  And that nobody, in the real world, could make what she makes in 30 minutes.  And she’s so lucky that everything is exactly where she left it.  That never happens in my house, I spend more time looking for things then I do using them.
3. When I’m cooking, my kitchen is in varying degrees of chaos.  I do like to clean as I go, but don’t always have time. And when I have a dinner party, the food is prepared well in advance to give me plenty of time to clean before guests arrive. I’m a little anal about how my kitchen looks when people are coming over.  A little?  OK…a lot.
4.  When my husband is on the road, cooking becomes secondary to my real life.  My son and I love to have Mac n Cheese (yes, right out of the box, cause it’s the cheesiest ), smoked pork chops and some streamed green beans, this is comfort food.
5. I cook better and am more creative after I have had said glass of wine or cocktail.  It’s also why #3 happens.
6. I do love that my friends, family and even some of the top chefs in town think I’m an awesome cook.  But it would be nice if more of them actually invited me over for dinner.  I don’t care if it’s delivery pizza, it’s all about sitting down and sharing.
7. My husband, while encouraging me to write the LindySez blog, does not read it.  He’s waiting for my next blog – LindySex. That one I think he’ll read.
So now I’m supposed to pass this on to other fellow bloggers.  And if I knew any I could pass it on to, I would, like a hot potato.  But I don’t, so it ends here.

LindySez ~ Cheers, to all is fair in love, war and blogging.  Love you Poppy!

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