Saturday, June 12, 2010

When the Oil doesn't matter - Chocolate Banana Muffins

Even good cooks make mistakes.  And sometimes it’s a good mistake and teaches you something.  Like it did today.
Although I was having a super busy day, while wiping down the kitchen I spied those really really ripe bananas sitting on the counter.  UGH, they were going to be over the top soon, so in the middle of everything, I decided to make some Chocolate Banana muffins; my son has a lot of friends staying over since school is over, and I thought they might enjoy those to have in the morning (who am I kidding, it’s 1:00 p.m. and I think I finally hear them moving about).  So I bring up my recipe on the computer and get most of the stuff out of the pantry; flour, baking powder, you know, the pantry stuff.  And the stuff out of the refrigerator; eggs and milk and start up the oven.  Mixing and sifting and smashing.  Now into the prepared pan; I pop them into the oven.  As I’m just beginning to clean up I realize, I didn’t add the oil.  That’s because the oil was already out, and I didn’t put it where the other ingredients were, it was out side of my mis en place, it was misplaced.  Crap.  So I grab the muffin tin out of the oven and scrape the batter out of the muffin cups and back into the bowl; all except one.  I decided to see just how much difference the oil would make after all my work of scraping and reworking the batter.  You know what?  It made very little difference at all.  Both were moist; although admittedly the ones with the oil were a little lighter, I don’t think you would really notice if you weren’t doing a side by side comparison.  So I guess the bottom line is; if you want to cut back on oil and calories, omit the oil in this recipe.  They are still good.
Chocolate Banana Muffins

Chocolate Banana Muffins

LindySez - There’s always something to learn.  It’s why I love to cook.  Cheers

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